From MR in East Sheen, London, United Kingdom.
I suffer very badly from motion sickness, even in a car just being driven around the city, so imagine how I feel when I fly or am on a boat! Most motion sickness tablets like Gravol make me feel drowsy - so I was extremely happy to find your Trip Ease tablets when I was in Montreal recently! They were available at the same store where I bought your other product 'No-Jet-Lag'. I used Trip Ease while in Montreal and felt so marvellous that I bought a few packets to take home with me! Sincerely, MR.

Sailboat Racer from Vancouver
Hello: I've been using your product for two years now and am really impressed with the results. I race sailboats as a full time hobby, and use your product on all overnight and long distance races (ex: The last two around Vancouver Island race. About 400 miles), and in Oct I delivered a 48 ft trimaran from Vancouver BC to San Francisco (a 6 day passage). I have tried the patch (caused me to be confused and disoriented), the wrist bands (not effective at all) and all the over the counter and herbal remedies that I could find here in Vancouver. Most were totally ineffectual (not even a placebo effect?) One of the major problems with other chemical remedies is that they are not effective if taken after you are already sick/nauseous. Your product is one of two that I have found that work after I have already thrown up (I did not think I would need them that day, so didn't start taking them the recommended two hours before leaving the dock etc).

The other remedy is Quells, a scopolamine product banned in Canada, but available in Britain. On the boat delivery I didn't need to use anything, but was really glad I had them. Four (of six) of the crew were inexperienced and violently ill. All recovered really fast after I gave them some Trip Ease. After two days I had run out and so tried them on your Time Zone product (I forget what its called), it was all I had. I did not tell them of the switch, and they did not notice the color difference between the two products. Instantly all of them reverted to their previous state of groaning, laying about and vomiting. (they were of various ages, body types and we were all eating the same food etc). So your product really works!!! Way better than I thought some holistic unknown product would. I highly recommend it. Greg W.

Swiss based Diamond Consultant
I fly to far away places like New Zealand, United States and South Africa each year and before using Trip Ease I would become anxious pre flight and feel nervous and upset during the flight, especially so when passing though turbulence. Now when I use Trip Ease I no longer have pre flight anxiety and feel composed even when the plane moves suddenly. My tendency to motion sickness was so severe that previously in a car I would feel sick after just two turns, now I can be in a car and do 1,000 turns even on bad roads. Using Trip Ease has made big difference to my ability to travel in comfort and has fixed a problem I thought I would have to live with the rest of my life. TW, Switzerland

Thanks a bunch!
I can honestly say that Trip Ease makes the difference between me considering any form of sea-travel or not. Thank-you so much for helping me overcome what was a major problem before I used your product - on one trip on the Indian Ocean my husband had to physically restrain me from jumping overboard. Conventional sea-sickness cures made me so sleepy that I was n't comfortable taking them. Thank-you again. Delighted of South Woodford, London

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